About US

From its proud history spanning more than 35 years, Kamuzu College of Nursing (KCN) is consistently recognised as a pre-eminent and distinctive public Nursing and Midwifery College in Malawi
with special commitments to academic rigor and to assuring in all of its efforts professional growth of each student. KCN prizes both the inherent values of a demanding education and the profound usefulness of learning, teaching, hands-on- experience and understanding. Through the many achievements of its staff and students, the University has continued to present cutting-edge research, inspirational teaching, innovative thinking, consultancy, outreach and advanced professional growth as its central governing principles attracting some of the greatest minds from the country and across the globe.

As a college we are committed to providing top-quality Nursing and Midwifery education, including Undergraduate, Post Basic, Post graduate and Doctoral programs in areas of critical importance to a rapidly changing world community ranging from Mental Health, Child health, Adult health, Reproductive health, Community health and health services management and leadership. These programmes provide students with a broad understanding of the scope and nature of contemporary health issues along with relevant knowledge, skills, attitudes and professional behaviour in primary health care as well as leadership and management in health care systems. Our three vibrant residential campuses (one in Lilongwe and two in Blantyre), remarkable facilities (Library, Skills Laboratory, Model Ward, Computer Laboratories) and the diversity of our co-curricular activities and support services all exist primarily to serve these educational purposes.

We train and expect our graduates to be competent, committed to service, ethical and safe nursing and midwifery practitioners able to meet the health needs of the people both in their communities and world at large. Our teaching and research is focused on the principles of quality and safety in health care and as such, courses are evidence-based underpinned by best practice guidelines and promote a person-centred approach.

We also emphasise reflection, discussion, clinical experience, research and intensive interactions
between students and faculty members. We aim to position our nursing and midwifery graduates for work at the forefront of cutting edge developments in modern health care building upon a foundation of core values for nursing and midwifery for example care and compassion. Our graduates enjoy a worldwide reputation for excellence and are highly employable undertaking diverse roles at all levels within health systems both nationally and internationally.

Kamuzu College of Nursing is also recognized as a leader in Nursing and Midwifery education that conforms to national and international standards of nursing and midwifery competence, outstanding faculties and departments with 6 Undergraduate, 8 Post Basic, 6 Masters and 3 Doctoral programmes and is affiliated with three other national colleges namely; Daeyang Luke College of Nursing, Malawi College of Health Sciences and Saint John of God College of Health Sciences. The broad scope of options vary from interdisciplinary opportunities in Nursing and Midwifery, Child Health, Adult Health, Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing to a master’s program in Reproductive Health among the many distinguished programmes offered at the college catering to the needs of a wider range of individuals and healthcare professionals continuing their professional development.

From being the only Nursing and Midwifery college offering programs at Masters and PhD level in Malawi and in SADC Region; a designated World Health Organisation collaborative learning Centre for inter-professional health education and Centre of Excellence for Midwifery; our noted alumni and distinguished scholars, we have much to be proud of in our many years of existence as a University of Malawi-renowned constituent College. In all we do, we are driven to dig deeper, push further, respond to the health needs of the nation and leverage our knowledge to enrich all human life.

We invite you to join the countless nurses and midwives throughout history who have helped contribute to improving the health and well-being of local, national and global communities.

Mission, Vision and Core Values

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