Community Engagement

As a leading teaching, learning, research and consultancy institution, KCN recognises that it has a responsibility to ensure that the wealth of knowledge generated via the College’s three campuses is harnessed to the benefit of the community it serves. Engaging with our community is an intrinsic part of KCN’s mission. We are committed to supporting the community using staff and student expertise through a growing number of initiatives such as awareness campaigns, health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitation in the community and providing free health services. Through this connection and the sharing of knowledge and resources, we seek to fulfil community goals, promote equity and reward excellence.

Our staff, students and alumni are a resource for our whole community. The collaboration with community yields rewards to students and community partners alike. On the students’ part, it enhances their skills in areas such as putting theory into practice, understanding ethical issues, developing capacity for compassion, empathy, and trans-cultural relationships as well as recognizing community needs and assets and making a positive contribution to the life of the community. This means our students gain employability skills, enhance their experience and develop themselves as leaders of the future in a socially innovative way while also benefiting communities in Malawi.

Since inception, KCN has formed an unbreakable bond with engagement with the community in meaningful ways across Malawi. Staff, faculties, departments and students have carried out different activities and initiatives aimed at improving public health, create a better future and improve the human condition.


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