Columbia University

Columbia University is an American university based in New York City. The university is consistently recognized for its high quality education services with numerous departments, schools centers and institutes. The Columbia School of Nursing, works with the World Health Organization to establish and move forward on global health initiatives. Columbia is consistently ranked among the top 100 Universities around the world.

Columbia University has been partnered and working with Kamuzu College of Nursing since 2010. The collaboration falls under the Nursing Education Partnership Initiative or NEPI. The achievements of the collaboration include the development of PhD programs, and MSc nursing education curriculum. There has also been the creation of PhD scholarships for Faculty, and scholarships for postgraduate students. Columbia University has also assisted with the purchasing of vehicles and LCD projects to further advance the College.

 In 2015, Columbia University and Kamuzu College of Nursing participated in the Global Nursing and Midwifery Research Development Initiative Summit Meeting. The summit aimed to establish regional and international partnerships to increase research capabilities.


Joint Publications:

Middleton, L., et al. "The Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI): innovations in nursing and midwifery education." Academic Medicine: Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges (2014): 24-28.

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