Advanced Adult Health Nursing Practicum I

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This module is designed to enable students apply knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes acquired from advanced physiology, pharmacology, bioethics and advanced adult health nursing science in the provision of care to adult patients experiencing acute and critical health conditions. Emphasis is placed on promoting evidence based and culturally sensitive care and innovativeness.


  • Conduct an advanced comprehensive health assessment of patients with acute and critical health conditions
  • Demonstrate competence in providing advanced nursing care to patients with acute and critical health conditions
  • Implement change in nursing care of patients with acute and critical health conditions
  • Display advanced critical thinking and clinical decision making skills to nursing practice
  • Demonstrate leadership in managing acute and critical care units
  • Initiate programs for staff, students and clients in the acute and critical care settings based on identified needs
  • Reinforce the implementation of protocols which underpin adult health care.
  • Develop guidelines and standards based on policies from regulatory bodies such as WHO, local regulatory bodies
  • Collaborate with other health professionals when providing comprehensive health care to adult patient.
  • Evaluate and apply current evidence in the management of patients with acute and critical conditions.
  • Engage in ethical and legal debates concerning acute and critical care and the therapeutic regimes
  • Utilize appropriate life support technology
  • Maintain the dignity of patients in the face of high technology
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