Advanced Adult Health Nursing Practicum II

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This module is designed to enable students apply knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes acquired from advanced adult health nursing science II, advanced physiology, pharmacology and bioethics  in the application of advanced roles as leader, researcher, consultant to patients with chronic conditions. Emphasis is placed on promoting evidence based and culturally sensitive and innovative care.

Aim of module

This module is designed to enable learners acquire skills to practice at advanced adult health nursing level.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this module, learners will be able to:

  • demonstrate the roles as the leader, researcher, consultant and collaborator  in the management of clients with chronic conditions.
  • apply appropriate decision-making strategies based on knowledge gained from previous modules to manage clients with chronic conditions.
  • demonstrate competence in provision of comprehensive and complex nursing care to clients and their families with selected chronic conditions.
  • collaborate with multi sectoral team members in the management of clients with chronic conditions.
  • develop guidelines and standards based on scientific evidence, for management of chronically ill patient.
  • Initiate programs for staff, students, patients/clients and families, that will bring impact  in patients/clients with chronic conditions.
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