Advanced Adult Health Nursing Science II

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This module builds on knowledge from biosciences and nursing sciences and is designed to enable the learner analyse common chronic health conditions of adults. It provides a foundation in advanced nursing care of common chronic health conditions and applications of evidence-based practice to restore function, promote wellness and enhance self-care capacity. Emphasis is placed on advanced health assessment, pathophysiology, pharmacology and comprehensive nursing management.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this module, the students should be able to:

  • Analyse the role of the advanced practice nurse in the management of chronic conditions.
  • Evaluate the role of multi-sectoral teams in the management of chronic conditions.
  • Analyse policies, guidelines, protocols and standards influencing care of chronically ill patients.
  • Analyse current trends and issues in care of the chronically ill patient.
  • Articulate holistic and family centered approach in management of patients with chronic conditions.
  • Evaluate management of patients/clients with common chronic conditions.
  • Analyse the interrelationship of chronic conditions and the impact of co-morbidity on health.
  • Critique evidence based literature for common chronic conditions.
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