Advanced Child Health Nursing Practicum I

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This module is designed to enable students incorporate knowledge, skills, and appropriate attitudes acquired from Biosciences, Professional Development Studies, Leadership and Management, Research and Child Nursing speciality modules in the provision of advanced care of the ill children and their families. The focus is on evidence based and culturally sensitive care of the ill child at facility and community level, including collaboration with the interprofessional team. The students are expected to be innovative and demonstrate ability to interpret the physiological, pathophysiological, sociological, psychological and spiritual aspects and their implications on child health.


To enable the learner to skilfully provide advanced nursing care to children and their families with a range of needs on a health –illness continuum, through the creation of an enabling environment.


Upon completion of this module learners shall be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence in providing advanced care to sick children and their families.
  • Utilize appropriate decision making strategies during provision of children’s care in the interprofessional team.
  • Demonstrate appropriate monitoring and evaluation skills during provision of children’s care.
  • Act as a consultant to units, clients, and other health care professionals to improve child care nursing
  • Initiate continuing professional development programs for the interprofessional health care team based on identified learning needs
  • Initiate quality improvement activities in child care approaches based on available resources
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