Advanced Community Health Nursing Practicum I

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This module provides an opportunity for learners to consolidate and apply advanced knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes gained from all previous and concurrent modules in the provision of community health care. Emphasis will be placed on performing a comprehensive community assessment, programme development, evaluation of an on-going programme and analysis of policy documents in an agency that guide implementation of community programmes serving a specified population.

Aim of the module

The module provides learners an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for managing community based interventions and programmes.

Module learning outcomes

  • Conduct a community needs assessment to discover existing or potential needs and assets as a basis for planning appropriate interventions.
  • Plan and implement interventions based on priority community needs/problems from the assessment data.
  • Analyse roles of key partners in the district in implementing community health programmes/interventions.
  • Identify a specific group with health needs and present an appropriate teaching/ learning experience for them.
  • Analyse policies and its implications in the delivery of community health care programmes.
  • Utilize evidence-interventions in the implementation of community interventions/programmes.
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