Educational Leadership And Administration

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The module introduces you to leadership and administration of nursing educational institutions. This includes organizational analysis, institutional governance and resource management, trends in leadership, policy formulation and analysis, and planning and financing of nursing education. The focus is on understanding organizational, educational and health contextual issues to enable you provide transformative leadership in nursing education institutions.

Module Aim

To enable students synthesize theory and apply it to the practice of leadership and administration in nursing education

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate various organizational theories, structures, cultures as well as power bases in nursing educational institutions and their influence on the practice of nursing educational administration.
  • Analyze the roles of a leader and administrator in creating a conducive and transformative educational and working environment for staff and students in Nursing Institutions
  • Value the significance of effective communication, rational decision making and conflict resolution in leadership and administration of nursing education
  • Analyze health policies, theories and models of planning and financing for nursing educational institutions and selected health care delivery systems
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