Instructional Design And Implementation

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This module focuses on the preparation and delivery of instructional in classroom and clinical settings.The module instructs the learner on how to prepare and implement module outlines/schemes of work, lesson plans. Emphasis is put on teacher and learner centered approaches and the utilization of technology in designing and implementing instruction, with particular reference to those factors which affect teaching and learning. The underlying factor in the module is problem solving, using critical thinking.

Module Aim

To enable the learners acquire knowledge and develop skills and appropriate attitudes necessary for designing and implementing effective learning in classroom and clinical settings.

Learning Outcomes

  • Prepare course/module outlines, schemes of work, lesson plans, assessment and evaluation tools.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning approaches and strategies.
  • Select appropriate resources for effective teaching and learning.
  • Use technological media innovatively in instructional design and implementation.
  • Analyze factors that influence effective teaching and learning
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