Integrated Teaching Practicum 1 & 2

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This module enables students apply knowledge, skills, and appropriate attitudes acquired from Instructional Design and Implementation; Contemporary Issues in Nursing Education; Curriculum Design and Evaluation; Educational Leadership and Administration; and Educational Assessment in teaching nursing students. Students are encouraged to be innovative and demonstrate ability to integrate classroom and clinical teaching and perform leadership and administrative roles

Aim of Module

The module is aimed at preparing students for their roles and responsibilities as Nurse Educators.

Learning Outcomes

  • Creating a conducive environment for classroom and clinical learning.
  • Applying various teaching and learning strategies during classroom teaching
  • Applying various teaching and learning strategies during clinical teaching.
  • Demonstrate competence in using a variety of communication techniques including documentation in the process of assessment and therapeutic intervention with individual students.
  • Demonstrate competence in performing formative, summative and normative assessment in classroom and clinical settings.
  • Conduct programme evaluation using appropriate tools.
  • Conduct continuing professional development activity for faculty.
  • Demonstrate competence in performing leadership and administrative roles in nursing education.
  • Analyse the role of relevant professional and regulatory bodies in nursing and midwifery education.
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