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The module provides you with an in-depth understanding of child health care origins, approaches, and services. It is designed to enable you to explore and analyse the contextual issues that affect the health and survival of children, and measurement of child health. The module will help you develop knowledge, communication skills and appropriate attitudes to assist you provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive, evidence based and family and child centred care to well and sick children from age zero to eighteen years in a variety of settings. There are six units in this module comprising, perspectives in child health care, child health care services and programs, environmental influences in child health care, communication in child health care, family and family centred care and vulnerability in children.


Upon completion of this module, learners shall be able to:

  • analyse relevant children’s international, regional and national policies, conventions, constitutional bodies and psychosocial issues that influence child health care and development
  • evaluate the health services structure and supportive systems for child health care in Malawi
  • relate the role of advanced practice nurse as a leader in the provision of professional, culturally appropriate, evidence based and family and child centred care
  • Analyse relevant data to measure child health
  • Analyse major child health programs
  • Demonstrate knowledge on professional communication with children and their families with consideration to respect for individuals and cultural differences.
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