Reproductive Health and HIV and AIDS

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MSc Midwifery

The module is designed to assist learners to critically analyze SRH issues surrounding men and women.  Emphasis is placed on social-cultural, economic, environmental, behavioral and political factors that affect men’s and women’s fertility and reproductive health. The reproductive health topics addressed include: contraception, abortion, reproductive cancers, menopause, sexuality, abnormal menstrual bleeding and infertility.

Module Outcomes

  • Discuss the determinants of women’s and men’s SRH
  • Analyze policies, protocols, guidelines and standards influencing women’s and men’s sexual and reproductive health
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and quality of the existing SRH services
  • Analyze the physiological, psychological and social cultural factors that occur during the various age groups and their effect on Reproductive Health
  • Identify the common reproductive health problems for various age groups
  • Develop strategies to improve quality of SRH services


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