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The curriculum of undergraduate and post graduate nursing and midwifery students is traditionally divided into two distinct phases; the theory and clinical. The college is dedicated to experiences specifically research and clinical experiences. The Clinical Studies department is the backbone of all clinically oriented programs offered by other departments. Established in 2002 in a quest to alleviate the skills gaps in the health industry after students graduate, this is the largest department considering that all students requiring basic and advanced clinical skills in all programs offered by the college go through this department.

Our goal is to graduate competent nursing and midwifery students who are capable of managing common medical problems in the community and will excel in both the art and science of nursing and midwifery.

This can only be achieved by providing the students with authentic clinical experiences that enable them to apply and integrate their factual knowledge and prepare them for a diverse patient-care environment in a variety of settings.

As a department we believe clinical experience in nursing and midwifery is absolutely essential for students and it is the most effective approach as it allows students to get exposed to a variety of experiences that will prepare them to face most common medical problems that they will encounter after graduation thereby meeting the expectations of patients, community and nation at large.

We are responsible for the placement of students in different health facilities for clinical trials. The provision of such hands-on opportunities allows students to develop appropriate attitudes, professional growth, appreciate the value of patient-centered care, understand medical science and get acquitted with commendation, diagnostic and therapeutic skills

Dr Annie Msosa

Dr Annie Msosa Lecturer

Lecturer, Adult and Paediatric Nursing (2003 -2018)

Dr Annie Msosa obtained her PhD in Nursing in 2017 from Witwatersrand where she also received a student award of excellence. 

Dr Msosa conducted research on health information needs of caretakers of orphans for her masters requirement and Evaluation of clinical teaching of undergraduate students learning in the skills laboratory. Part of her findings have been presented in conferences and the full papers are underway for publication. Read more



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