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Kamuzu College of Nursing, established in 1979 as a constituent college of the University of Malawi, prepares the most highly qualified nursing and midwifery personnel for the Malawian nation. 

Our focus is on total student and staff development, geared towards addressing not only the ongoing health challenges but also the emerging issues of the 21st century. Through the integration of the findings of a vibrant research and outreach programme and from their own professional and personal development, the college staff are committed to maintaining excellence in nursing.

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KCN has two campuses 400 km apart and also provides leadership at curriculum level to a variety of nursing colleges across the country.

KCN Programmes

1. BSc in Nursing and Midwifery
This is a four year program
2. BSc in Nursing ( Mature entry)
This is a two year program
3. Masters in Midwifery
A two years masters program
4. Masters in Reproductive Health
A two years masters
5. Masters in Child Health
6. Masters in Nursing Education
7. University Certificate in Midwifery

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