Financial Aid

At KCN, we believe higher education should be available to everyone. We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities and equal access to all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, genetic information, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran’s status and financial ability. The applicant’s ability to pay tuition is not a criterion for admission. As a constituent College under University of Malawi, our mission is to make it financially possible for every admitted applicant to attend KCN College, ensuring that we recruit, retain, and graduate a talented and diverse learning community.

We are committed to helping students find appropriate ways to finance the education. For students with limited financial resources, The University of Malawi in conjunction with the Loans Board operate a need-based system of financial aid in the form of student loans which is repaid with a little interest after a student graduates. Students who have been accepted for undergraduate admission may apply for financial aid and will receive an individually calculated financial aid package which may contain one or both of the components namely tuition fees and stationery. However, over the years due to increase in enrollment rate of students in all the four UNIMA constituent colleges (Kamuzu College of Nursing, College of Medicine, The Malawi Polytechnic and Chancellor College) and limited funds we are not always able to offer enough aid to meet each student’s financial need with the student loan.

Nonetheless, alternative sources of assistance may still be available to students both need-based and merit-based. The college through the College Registrar, Dean of Students, Deans of Faculties and Heads of Departments work tenaciously to provide eligible students with their demonstrated financial need through scholarships, loans, grants and other forms of assistance. In many cases we have partnered with agencies and organisations such as Global Fund, Global Alliance Interfaith in AIDS (GAIA), Tertiary Education Students Support (TEST), Soko Fund, First Merchant Bank (FMB), Department for International Development (DFID) and Bill and Melinda Gates.

NOTE All these financial aid opportunities are only applicable to undergraduate students.

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