The Arctic University of Norway

The Arctic University of Norway otherwise known as the University Of Tromso (UIT) is a Norwegian university with various campuses around the country. The University’s Tromso campus, is recognized for their successful and well reputed nursing program.

Since 2011, the University of Tromso has conducted research and co-published papers with faculty of Kamuzu College of Nursing. The two main areas of collaboration are: the Maternal Intervention Project and research in Maternal Neonatal Health. The University of Tromso has also collaborated with the University of Malawi and specifically Kamuzu College of Nursing on a project for the development of graduate and postgraduate, nursing and midwifery programs in Malawi. The program was approved by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation in 2013.


Joint Publications:

Chikuse, Bertha, et al. "Midwives' adherence to guidelines on the management of birth asphyxia in Malawi." Open Journal of Nursing (2012): 351-457.

Kumbani, Lily C., et al. "Do Malawian Women critically assess the quality of care? A qualitative study on Women's perceptions of perinatal care at a district hospital in Malawi." Reproductive Health Journal (2012): 1-14. Online. .

Kumbani, Lily Caroline, et al. "Adverse Perinatal outcomes in Chiradzulu, Southern Malawi." African Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health 6.4 (2013): 190-197.

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