University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is an English University in the United Kingdom. Recognized for its research focus and interdisciplinary collaborations with numerous institutions around the world,  the University of Manchester is the UK’s largest single-site university. The University has a focus on public engagement, knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The University of Manchester has had collaborative agreements with Kamuzu College of Nursing since 2006. The main areas of focus for the partnership are Capacity building, research projects and staff trainings. This research has resulted in publication, with an article focusing on Women’s beliefs, views and practices concerning medication use during pregnancy in rural Malawi, being one example.

Dr. Carol Bedwell of the University of Manchester, is also an editor of the African Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health, alongside, Angela Chimwaza of Kamuzu College of Nursing. The Univerisity of Manchester is also involved in the Lugina Africa Midwives Research Network (LAMRN). Dr. Rebecca Smith from the University of Manchester attended the Workshop at KCN’s Blantyre campus in August of 2014 as a resource. Two University of Manchester students, were also able to attend the workshop.


Joint Publications:

Chimwaza, Angela, et al. "Experiences of Men who Support their Partners During Childbirth in Low Resource Settings: A Descriptive Review." African Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health 9.1 (2015): N/A.

Kabuluzi, Ezereth, et al. "Women's Beliefs, Views and Practices Concerning Medication use During Pregnancy in Rural Malawi." African Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health 9.4 (2015): N/A.




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