Vanier College

Vanier College is a french Canadian college in the province of Quebec. The College is known for its strong nursing faculty among its other diploma programs.

In 2009 two Vanier faculty members traveled to Malawi in a teacher mobility project. The purpose of this project was to learn about the education of nurses in Malawi and to share their own experiences. This visit also facilitated the connection between Vanier College and Kamuzu College of Nursing leading to the current nursing exchange program.

The nursing exchange program with Vanier College allows for a student exchange between Vanier College and Kamuzu College of Nursing, with 2 KCN students being selected each year to attend Vanier College for a clinical internship placement. Vanier College students likewise, travel to Malawi for a number of weeks and are guests of Kamuzu College of Nursing. Through this partnership students from both colleges are able to practice and gain new skills in a new environment.

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